Southern Classics Society is a friendly and informal, all-marque club for classic vehicle enthusiasts in the south of England

Social & Drive It Day Reports 2021

In addition to our formal shows we hold various social events and Drive It Days. Below are reports of these events hoping you will see how much more belonging to Southern Classics Society means.

2021 social event reports will appear here as they happen. All our events are now booked and confirmed. Please go to "All 2021 Events" to see the 2021 Events Calendar.

Old Barn Garden Centre, Dial Post, Breakfast Meet - 7th November 2021

A Spectacular Close to the Year!

This year was slow to get started, in fact it was half-gone before we were able to resume meetings. Far too soon, we seem to have arrived at the last event of the year, the Breakfast Meet at the Old Barn Garden Centre. Despite it being November, we were greeted by warm sunshine and nearly 60 cars joined us to make it a truly memorable end to the year. It's always good to end on a high note, and this meet definitely achieved that.

It's difficult to single out a few for a mention here - all were worth a second look, a few that particularly caught the eye were firstly, the 1933 Morris Ten Four in a very attractive shade of blue, a reminder that not everything was black in the pre-war era. The Humber Super Snipe was a great example of a "luxury, executive" car from 1952, a rare car these days. From the seventies came the Alfa Romeo Montreal, resplendant in gleaming orange, and had many interesting styling features, courtesy of Marcello Gandini of Bertone. Meanwhile the lovely Fiat OSCA was a great example of sixties Italian elegance, thanks to Pininfarina. More photographs of all the cars can be viewed via the SCS Photo Gallery on the link below.

The event wasn't just about looking at beautiful classics basking in the sunshine, however important that might be. There was also the serious business of breakfast to be dealt with, and the Old Barn Cafe provided an excellent selection of delicious food and drink. Suitably fed and refreshed, nobody needed any excuse to linger and spend more time discussing the various cars. Our thanks go to all the staff at the Old Barn Cafe for allowing the event to take place, and providing the catering, also to all the people who brought their cars and made the event so enjoyable. We look forward to returning in 2022.

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Lunch and Annual General Meeting, The Bull Inn, Henfield - 24th October 2021

The AGM of the Society was held at the Bull Inn in Henfield. This has been our chosen venue for a number of years, due to the great hospitality that we receive from the staff, and the excellent lunch provided. Last year, of course, the AGM had been conducted in "virtual" form, with the documents being circulated to members. This year marked a welcome return to a real life meeting, with an opportunity to meet in person. As has often been the case in the past, the meeting was preceeded by a Drive-It run, which gave an opportunity to get out in the sunshine in your classic. Most of the convertible drivers took advantage of the warm sunny weather to drop their tops and get out in the fresh air!

On our return from the drive-it, it was time to join the others who were gathering for the meeting and attack the lunch There was the usual rich and varied selection of pizzas, the Bull's speciality. Also there were a range of side dishes to tempt the pallate - such things as garlic bread, chicken legs, salads, and so on.

Richard, in his role as acting Chairperson conducted the business of the meeting and guided us through the agenda items. The business was all dealt with, and the meeting ended with members dispersing into the warm autumnal sunshine. A full report of proceedings will appear in the next Newsletter.

We would like to thank the management at the Bull Inn for the use of their facilities, and most of all for the delicious lunch.

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Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park Station, Breakfast Meet - 3rd October 2021

Short on Fuel - Big on Breakfast !! by Richard Long

The penultimate SCS breakfast meeting, was held at the ever popular location of the Bluebell Railway Sheffield Park. Being able to use the top car park for our classics and even closer to the restaurant, it's always a win-win situation. Being an Autumn meeting, it was hardly surprising that rain was forecast; but thankfully that all fell on Saturday and Sunday morning became progressively sunnier as it unfolded. It's bad enough having the threat of inclement weather putting a damper on proceedings, BUT to have a fuel shortage thrown in to the mix was surely a step too far !!

Of course, threatening weather and a lack of fuel did restrict the number of classics on the day, sadly. However, that said, approximately two-dozen cars attended the morning get together and it was a very enjoyable event, with folk just happy to be out in their classics. A real broad cross-section of cars were on display, ranging from Austin, Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Ferrari and Kits to quote a few; more of which can be viewed via the SCS Photo Gallery on the link below.

With the cars parked up, owners made their way to the Bessemer Arms Restaurant, Platform 1, for a thoroughly well deserved and enjoyable breakfast. If that was not wonderful enough - then the opportunity of having black pudding, certainly put the crown upon the morning !! A huge thanks to all the staff at the Bluebell Railway for supporting our BM once again, we look forward to seeing you a few times in 2022.

(Your webmaster's thanks go to Richard who has kindly provided this report, due to my absence elsewhere. Also to Paul Cripps who has provided the excellent photos.)

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Shoreham Airport, Shoreham, Breakfast Meet - 12th September 2021

It was bright sunny and warm for the breakfast meet at Shoreham Airport. This is always a popular venue, and so it proved on this occasion. the cars started to arrive steadilly and soon the available car parking was filling up. Parking in front of the art deco terminal building is always popular, but soon cars were filling all the other areas too. In the end over 60 cars took part, which was a great result.

As usual the range of cars was very diverse and varied, ranging from the tiny Lomax 3-wheeler, up to the large Ford Thunderbird. The red series 1 Jaguar E-Type looked very striking. Some marques were out in strength, there were a wide range of Triumphs, and to see four Scimitars in one spot is quite unusual.

Food and drink were available from the Hummingbird Cafe, and most people took the opportunity to refresh themselves before spending more time browsing arround the cars, chatting, or simply relaxing on the seats on the grass. There were also some aircraft to be seen on the apron.

Our thanks go to the staff of the Hummingbird Cafe for their hospitality which helped to make the event so enjoyable.

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SCS Summer Barbeque, The Fox Inn, Patching, - 8th August 2021

What a lovely day for a barbeque! That was the thought which went through my mind as the rain rattled against the window and the mist obscured my usual view of the South Downs. The trip to the Fox involved large ammounts of standing water and spray. On arrival it was necessary to use the back entrance, as the grass was too slippery for the usual front entrance. It soon became apparent that some attendees had felt obliged to abandon their classics at home, and attend in their modern daily drivers

However, soon after our arrival, the rain stopped, and the weather started to clear. There were even glimpses of sun! The weather continued to improve throughout the day. This gave plenty of opportunity to socialise, especially to catch-up with old friends, who had perhaps not been seen for a long time. Also to examine the cars, some of which belonged to new members and had not been seen before. A notable example was the 1967 Wolseley 18/85. With a very low mileage and in beautiful condition it was a credit to it's owner and a great specimen of a car which must now be very rare

The smell of delicious food being cooked soon wafted over the site, and it was soon time to enjoy the fruits of the chef's labours. The Fox had provided their usual great selection, to suit a range of tastes. Suitably fed, it was then time for a bit more of a look at the cars, followed by a quiz. This was presided over by John and Robert, and our thanks go to them for providing a challenging set of questions. Everyone did well, but some did better than everyone else, and a winning table emerged, to receive their tasty prizes! After that it was time to leave, and by then the weather had improved to such an extent that your reporter was able to enjoy a top-down run in the sunshine!

Our thanks go to the staff of the Fox for their hospitality which made the event so enjoyable.

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Carat's Cafe, Southwick, Breakfast Meet - 1st August 2021

First, Last, First by Robert Spence

Or was it deja vu? After nearly 18 months it was wonderful to restart club events on Sunday 1st August with our first breakfast meet. Purely by chance the event took place at Carat's cafe near Shoreham Power Station, where in March 2020 our first, also last, event took place just before the first lockdown started.

Also, like the 2020 get-together, the weather was mostly warm and dry even though the weather experts had predicted rain. A few spots did appear but nothing to dampen our enthusiasm.

The turnout of 30 plus cars was a wonderful mix of ages, makes and models of home grown and foreign vehicles. The star of the meet, for me, was Richard Long's near mythical Daimler Sovereign V8. It looked stunning and it was a pleasure to sit and also admire the interior. We have all followed Eric's journey in the club's newsletter from a good car to an extraordinary car, and to see him in the polished metal does not disappoint. The rebuilt Turner V8 engine is magnificent!

As great as it was to be able to attend an SCS event in the cars which bring us so much pride and joy, the real pleasure of the morning was to meet and chat to friends and acquaintances of the club again and talk about all things cars! The morning was a great way to restart the club and I, for one, am looking forward to a good rest of the year. Let's hope it runs smoothly without any hiccups, just like our classics!

(Your webmaster's thanks go to Robert who has kindly provided this report, due to my absence elsewhere. Also to Paul Cripps who has provided the excellent photos.)

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