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Show Reports 2019

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September Charity Show - Borde Hill Gardens Show, - 22nd September 2019

The weather forecast had been a bit off-putting, but on the day it proved not to be too bad. There had been overnight rain, and the day started overcast with shafts of sun breaking through, but then there was also intermittent light rain during the day. It was at least dry while we set up the show, which makes life easier. Borde Hill Gardens are a very attractive location, and the house looked nice, on the other side of the lawn, a great backdrop for the cars.

There was a slow but steady flow of cars forming-up on the grass, a good and varied mix of cars.

The volunteers in the gazebo were soon doing a brisk trade. Not simply in raffle tickets and regalia, important as they are, but also this being the charity show, donations for the Society's two chosen charities for this year. These are the Alzeimer's Society, and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. MNDA had two representatives at the show, making a collection.

The owners of the 1985 Fiat Panda, with an awning which attaches to the tailgate to convert the car into a cosy retreat, were well placed to cope with the changeable weather, and could enjoy their tea and cake in comfort (see photos in the gallery). They had also brought their Seat Terra mini-motorhome as well.

One of the stars of the show was the Bedford J1 Lorry of G.P.Radcliffe & Son Ltd., specialist theatrical carriers. Absolutely immaculately presented, along with it's crew, in their brown work coats and bowler hats. As this is the Charity Show, the Best Vehicle in the public vote is awarded the Brian Bennett Trophy, and it was a very popular result that the award went to the lorry. Mr Goff Radcliffe himself collected the award, and he and his team posed with Phyllis afterwards.

Second place in the public vote went to the attractive, dark green, Citroen Legere 11B - a vehicle that always seems to radiate a typical French style and class.

This being the charity show, the premier raffle prize is one of Phyllis' home made cakes, which are eagerly anticipated. The lucky winner can report that it does indeed live up to it's reputation, and he sends his thanks to Phyllis for her generosity and her skill as a baker!

Southern Classics Society would like to thank all at Borde Hill Gardens, for the use of their facilities, all the volunteers who helped on the day to make the gathering run seamlessly, Richard for organising the show, and all those who brought their cars.

Click here on this link for the gallery of photographs of the show.

August Show - Worthing Rugby Club Show, - 18th August 2019

Worthing has always been a favourite in the clubs calendar, even though it often clashes with other shows. The weather outlook was favourable but with a 'slight risk' of an early shower.

Well the committee and helpers started off setting up in the dry and all was setup and ready, a slow but steady number of cars arrived and all was well, and then it started to get dark and the shower arrived-actually it chucked it down with great gusto and we started a new game of how many people could get under the club and various auto jumblers gazebos-people sat in cars (some with umbrellas up) and many used the modern new technology to monitor the Met Offices app showing 'real time' radar of the rain (and we were under the bright bit!).

Over 200 cars attended and a great spread of styles were represented. Of note were 2x Jaguar Mk10's, a very beautiful 1926 Rolls Royce 20HP in gleaming white and on the subject of bright colours a bright orange beach buggy, various types of campers including a Datsun Urvan which was up for sale, and a matching pair of BMW 840i (owned by a husband and wife). Representing the clubs were The Mercedes Benz Owners Club and The Maestro and Montego Owners Club who both put on a good display of their marques.

Make sure you have a look at the photos on the Photogallery Page.

As a bonus we had a flypast of a Douglas DC3 Dakota in WW2 colours (I would like to say we planned that!)

Of course, we have to thank the providers of tea, coffee and grub who seemed to be very busy during the day and the rugby club staff for providing such a good venue-and of course a bar for those who took the opportunity. The day ended with the raffle as usual and presentation of the awards for the decades

Thanks to everyone who attended and especially the volunteers who helped at the show-it couldn't have happened without you and especially to James and David Wright who stepped in as the days photographers as our Roger was not able to attend.

Click here on this link for the gallery of photographs of the show.

June Show - Bluebell Railway Show, - 9th June 2019

Our second classic vehicle show of 2019, was at the Bluebell Railway's Horsted Keynes Station. The weather was good, with sunshine and a few clouds, and it was a pleasant winding route through the countryside to get to the venue, nestling in the heart of Sussex. Clearly inspired by that, the exhibitors were soon rolling in in a steady stream, and the field started to fill up with classics of all shapes and sizes.

By mid-morning the field was almost full, with a very healthy turnout of cars.

One vehicle which caused a stir on it's arival was the Fordson Fire Engine. It's blazing red paintwork contrasted with the polished brass of it's pumps and valves and the wood of the ladders, it was a credit to the owner and his team of restorers, who were credited in a plaque on the machine.

As usual the cars spanned a huge range from the Austin 7s, MGs, and Bentleys of the Vintage and pre war eras, up to modern classics. Most were worth a closer look. For a touch of the exotic, the Hindustan Ambassador repayed closer inspection, especially the interior.

We were delighted to welcome the owner of the lovely vintage Bentley. He had probably covered the furthest distance, being based in Los Angeles! (though in fairness, the car does reside in England)

The railway was operating with steam locomotives, which attracted many exhibitors to spend some time "commuting" on the line. There were also exhibits to see at the station, like the Carriage and Wagon Workshop, with it's displays covering the restoration of the rolling stock, and the materials and machinery used to accomplish this.

There was a striking "little and large" comparison when a tiny Messershmitt FMR bubble car arrived, and parked next to the large DeSoto Firedome - two vehicles from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Southern Classics Society would like to thank the Bluebell Railway, for the use of their facilities, and for the generous discounts to exhibitors. Also Sharon and the Chuck Wagon, all the volunteers who helped on the day to make the gathering run seamlessly, and Richard for organising the show.

Click here on this link for the gallery of photographs of the show.

Video - SCS Show at the Bluebell Railway, Horsted Keynes, 2019

We are proud to present this excellent video of the Bluebell Railway Show at Horsted Keynes, shot by member Roy De Boise. Thanks to Roy for his great work. Enjoy!

May Show - Lavender Line Show, - 19th May 2019

Our season-opening classic vehicle show for 2019, was to be at a new venue for the Society, the Lavender Line at Isfield. The early weather looked ominous, with the early birds travelling to set up the show driving through rain and mist. Fortunately it soon cleared, and in fact, as you can see from the photographs, proved to be a nice day. Although this was a new show venue, we have used the Lavender Line for other events like Breakfast Meets, in the past. they have a large event field which proved to be ideal for our purpose.

As usual, it wasn't long before cars started to arrive, and the usual rich variety started to form up allong the access road. In due course there were over 100 cars on display.

One of those vehicles was certainly hard to miss - this was the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300L. It towered over the other exhibitors and rumbled along with it's straight six 5.675 litre engine, and 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. Thanks to Martin for bringing it along.

The cars spanned a huge range from the era of dickey seats and running boards, like the Ford Model A, up to turbochargers and four-wheel drive of the Audi Quattro.

The railway was operating, and many attendees took advantage of the opportunity to ride on the diesel "Thumper" train, or look around the exhibits on show at the station.

From the pre-WW2 era was the very striking and rakish 1938 Jaguar SS100. It's long bonnet and flowing wings typified the style and grace of the marque.

Southern Classics Society would like to thank the Lavender Line, for the use of their facilities. Also Sharon and the Chuck Wagon, all the volunteers who helped on the day to make the gathering run seamlessly, and Richard for organising the show.

Click here on this link for the gallery of photographs of the show.