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Show Reports 2016

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Chichester College Autumn Show - 18th September 2016

Bring Chichester, sunny weather and the SCS together and it is becoming the standard recipe for a brilliant show. And this one was no different - after a scorching beginning to the week and a cooling end to the week it was unclear what the weather would be, but to continue the standard the sun was shining right from the beginning and the turnout was as good as usual. One autojumbler was setting up before the committee arrived and the were many cars arriving soon after. Such is the keeness to be at the Chichester show.

Another common theme at Chichester is a bit of a backlog at the gate which spreads out onto the roundabout and last meeting back to the A27. A few subtle changes to the process and this time we managed to minimise this to only a few short periods where the queue was to the nearer roundabout.

We also managed to limit the amount of time the gates were posted as 'Full' to about 10 minutes and part of this was due to the number of visitors without classic cars as we played 'spot the parking space' in the public parking.

In total we saw around 400 classics on display and as usual a very varied selection of ages and models.

The commercial section had a good showing and the first two arrivals for this were Damiler Scout cars - these look scary, but the owners were very friendly and were happy to tell people about the cars, the equipment and the history.

Chichester is also known for the big turnout of American classics and as usual we welcomed our friends from the Solent Renagades who filled the whole south side of the carpark after their breakfast drive. This ranged from hotrods, 'ratted', cars from the 50's to the 90's, lots of chrome, big engines and long fins.

We were pleased that we had a lot of visitors who came to see the classics, and many wanted to know when we would next be there as they enjoyed it so much - it is a reflection of the owners who where pleased to talk about their pride and joy.

One young boy (who dragged his mum along after seeing the sign) wanted to know the website address to look at the photos when they are published. He was most impressed as he hadn't been to a classic car show before - a future enthusiast and club member maybe?

Many thanks to everyone who came and made it a fantastic last show of the season, the autojumblers who seemed to be doing a good trade, the ladies serving tea, coffee, icecream and burgers who seemed to be busy all day and all the volunteers who helped to run the show this is a busy show to manage. We look forward to seeing you all next year at the start of season show.

But, the club season isn't completely finished yet - there is still a breakfast meet, a Drive it Day before the AGM and the Christmas Dinner - and of course the monthly Noggin and Natters.

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Worthing Rugby Club - 21st August 2016

On Saturday the weather showed its best of a British Summer - rain, grey skies, gales!! But the nice weather people were promising much better weather on Sunday asnd they were right, a bit of a grey start and improved to provide some nice sunny and warm spells during the day. The stream of cars started well and kept going throughout the day.

Due to our club prinicple of not having pre-booking and no locking in, we had a good group of different classic who came early and left after lunch, being replaced by other joining later. In total over 150 classics attended during the day.

The Worthing Rugby Club show is always well liked as a relaxed show as there is plenty of space to spread out and set up the picnic tables and chairs and just relax and chat (and eat and drink - even taking advantage of the rugby club bar). For reason unknown it is also popular with classic car owners dogs who were well in attendance and seemed to enjoy it as well.

But it was a classics car show and as is also normal for this show we see new cars that we have never seen before. One of the most noticeable arrivals was bright yellow! A lovely Maestro AA Patrol van, fully equiped, something most people haven't seen for ages.

As usual we had vary wide spread of classics, from 1930's Dodge which had been in an American Classic Car Museum, through a very good turn out of 1960's classics (the biggest class of the day) and onto a varied collection of 'modern' classics - see the photos's for the full range.

There was a good turnout of autojumblers who seemed to be doing good business. Also, a stand from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The committee would like to thank all attendees, both members and visitors, who made the show the success it was and for the many kind comments we received from people who had not attended a SCS show before.

The next show is the Chichester Autumn show - our last of the season and if the previous 2-3 years are an example will be large and popular, we will look forward to seeing as many as possible - but get there early please as we fill quickly.

Click here for more photos of the Worthing Rugby Club show.

Weald & Downland Museum Charity Show - 24th July 2016

Our annual show in support of our charities: The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebal Palsy and Marie Curie.

Following last years 'damp' Charity show we were pleased to return to the Weald & Downland Museum with the promise of, if not very hot sunshine, at least a nice day. And so it was (up until minutes after the prize giving when fine rain arrived - perfect timing!). As we had seen before the grounds we had were ideal for a classic car show with plenty of space to park up and viewing classics.

The much better weather meant that everyone could stroll around the museum and see the impressive range of historical buildings.

There was a very varied range of classics from Model T-Fords, 1914 Steam powered Stanley Roadster, Jaguars of multiple types, Pickup Trucks, a good spread of British classics from all decades and a good representation of classics born in other countries.

As the weather was good we had a good turn out with 125 classics on display. As is usual with our charity show (other than all the proceeds going to our charities), we have a 'Visitors Choice' for the The Bennett Trophy. This Trophy is in memory of Brian, our long term friend and previous Membership Secretary.

This year the chosen winner was the 1914 Model T Ford closely followed by another 'real oldie' - The 1914 Stanley Roadster 'Steamer' which only does 1 mile to the gallon - of water!.

A special Highly Commended award was given by the committee to The Wolseley Register (South Eastern Region) who put on a very impressive display of Wolseleys of all ages.

As is tradition the Charity Show raffle prizes included a cake lovingly made by Phylis, Brians widow, and as a change to the Goodwood Revival Tickets a £50 Gift Voucher for John Lewis.

The committee would like to thank everyone who attended ande helped to raise funds for the charities - the final sum raised will be published in the Newsletter once our Treasurer has added it all up.

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Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum - 12th June 2016

For SCS this was our second classic car show visit to Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum, with the event being held on the front lawn. As is typical with such events we had the location spot-on but alas not the weather, whereas last year we had the beautiful weather but not the front lawn !!

With the weather deteriorating as the week progressed and an atrocious rain laden Saturday, the Sunday front lawn location looked somewhat in doubt. However "our" fears were unfounded and after a detailed pitch inspection with the head groundsman Robin and Events Manager Edward; the site was given the all clear - phew.

And even more so as some auto-jumbler's had already started setting up their wares. No sooner had the SCS marquee been erected and gates opened the rain pitched up before the first of the classic cars arrived.

It's not often that the committee take an informal bet as to numbers exhibiting for the day, but numbers around the twenty mark seemed to be odds-on favourite and by 9am it seemed that even that number could be optimistic !! Once again our fears were laid aside and the roar of throaty engines making their way up the meandering Bentley drive could be heard - at last the day had started.

With the rain seemingly in for the day it could not deter hardened classic car drivers from attending the show and by late morning the number of classic cars had reached sixty-two; a result indeed. As swift as the precipitation had arrived it realised, by late morning, that these "classic car stalwarts" could not be kept away and rain stepped aside for a drier and sunnier alternative.

As always the cars on display fielded an interesting and diverse mix ranging from early post-war commercials through to more modern classics - see the photographs (link below) to view. The motor museum at Bentley is very interesting and provides an additional layer of classic car nostalgia to the show - if you have never viewed the museum it is a visit most worthwhile; along with the other attractions at Bentley.

So all-in-all what appeared to be a day without much prospect actually became a day of exceeded expectation. Bentley is booked again for 2017, Sunday 11th June, with the front lawn AND hopefully excellent weather; so that the phrase "third time lucky" can prove its truth !!

Click here for some great photos of the day.

Newhaven "Classics On Parade" Social Show - 22nd May 2016

Originally a once off show, Newhaven is now in its 3rd year as it has become popular. A more laidback show with a smaller (but select) presentation of classics than some of our larger shows.

The Fort has a lot to offer with displays and films about its history and actions over the years. As usual everyone who wanted to be in had to arrive by 10am to comply with the safety regulations of the Fort.

By the time the gates were shut, the parade ground was full with a shining array of just over 60 classics glistening in the sunshine.

A good selection of cars and vans filled the parade ground from large American - Hotrods, Muscle Motors and HUGE Americana to small 3 wheel kitcars and little 50's & 60's classics. Something for everyone.

As the plan is for a more laidback show there is no formal prize judging - its all down to the Visitors choice, with just one 'highly recommended' choosen by the committee.

And we were being filmed - the Fort staff were recording the show and did an interview with Richard to use in publication.

This of course didn't stop our own photo hungry 'snapper' as you can see from the 173 photos from all angles - one of the other differences at Newhaven - you can get up on to the ramparts and look down on to the assembled cars as well as the specular views out to sea and over the Downs.

All in all this is a very different and interesting approach to a classics car show which is enjoyed by all the attendees. There is plenty of time to relax and chat with other enthusiasts or when you are bored with cars (is that possible) you can tour the Fort and all the exhibits - and of course the 1940's Tea Room got plenty of customers.

But there was more to see outside in the 'moat' - classics arriving after 10am and also those who wanted to leave early parked up outside but provided a nice introduction to those inside - those too didn't miss the photographer so you can see those too below.

A big Thank You to the management and staff of the Fort, whose efforts and hard work made the day go smoothly, and to the members of Southern Classics who ran the show and made it all possible.

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Spring Show - Chichester College - 17th April 2016

This seems to become a recurring tale : Chichester - Spring Show - Sunshine - lots of classics - traffic queues! - lots of happy classic owners chatting in the sunshine - lots of business at the tuck wagon - and 2016 was no different. Another brilliant start to the new season. As with many of the Chichester shows we saw new vehicles which we have never seen before, as well as a lot of old friends as well.

From a very early time cars started to arrive (but not as early as some of the AutoJumblers who had arrived before the committee to setup. One of the interesting never seen before classics was a nice armoured car (Ferret?) with attendant military motorbike escort. Now this is not a vehicle you mess with on a roundabout!

We had our welcome collection of American classics on the south side with a wide variety of cars from 50's to hot rods and 'ratted' - but all well looked after and cherished by there owners.

This year we have introduced a 'Commercial' section as last year we had a number of lorries and vans - of course the best laid plans etc...... so we didn't have many this year.

As is becoming a feature of Chichester in the sunshine we had to close the gate for a short period of time and let one in as one left, but we are getting good at this now (having had plenty of practice over the last few years).

A good representation of other clubs attended including the East and West Sussex Morris Minors, SADCASE, Jaguar Enthusiasts with a good display of XJS's and other XJ's, and of course the American groups, with the Lone Star American Car Club winning the Best Club prize.

So the sun carried on shining and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves greatly. There was a good turnout of AutoJumblers who seemed to be doing a good trade. We had a large number of motorbikes, both classic and modern. The membership secretary was busy and we had som many people wanting to join he ran out of application forms - a very good sign.

The show is becoming popular with 'drop in' visitors who like classics but don't have one of there own and there was a continuous stream of visitors throughout the day.

A very big thank you to from the committee to all those that contributed and helped set up, run and tidy up after the show. All together the organisers, the owners, the visitors and the cars made another outstanding success to the begnning of the year.

Photos will be appearing soon, but as with previous years there were 4-500 taken and they need to be sorted. Keep looking here.

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